Here is a guide with destiny 2 raid boost which you can get the exceptional shotgun The Fourth Rider. Its intrinsic feature is called Tonante, thanks to which this shotgun has a higher shooting cadence in addition to being able to shoot automatically. On the other hand, thanks to the perk Andanada, each successive shot causes more damage. However, it also disperses more.

Let’s go with the guide

Steps to follow to get The Fourth Rider

  • Talk to Zavala at La Torre to activate the exceptional adventure Ride a pale horse, where the first thing you have to do is access the deposit through the secret path in Zavala’s office. It is very easy to access this office and from there to the depot, but it is not so easy to explain. Therefore, for this first step, take a look at the DayKyri video you will find at the end of this guide.
  • Once you have reached the depot, you will see that the weapon is not there. After inspecting the empty weapon container, you must return to Zavala to inform him.
  • After talking to Zavala, you will have to go to Mars to talk to Ana Bray, who will ask you to gather information on defeating the Cabal or completing public events on Mars, so it’s time to get to work. It doesn’t go by fixed number of defeated enemies, but by percentage, so it’s best to hold heroic public events on Mars, which raise the progress bar for this step by 20% each.
  • After completing the previous step you will have to talk to Ana Bray again. This time she will ask you to defeat psionics and plunder cabal chests. The psionics give 2% when defeated, while the chests give 20% of the progress when opened. If you have a spectrum capable of detecting caches on Mars you will be able to complete this step in a while.
  • Once the other step is completed, it’s time to go talk to Benedict 99-40 in the Tower. He will ask you to defeat fighters and complete both public events and patrols in the European Dead Zone. The best thing, as always, is to carry out the events in heroic mode to go faster.
  • Now it’s time to talk again with Benedict 99-40, who will give you the last step. It consists of completing the legendary lost sector La Cantera, which is accessed through the bunker of the European Dead Zone. Be aware that this legendary lost sector is 1.000 Power, it will not be easy if you go alone and with a lower Power level. On the other hand, you will need a weapon with the Unstoppable mod and another with the Anti-Barrier mod, as there are enemies of this type. After defeating the final enemy in the lost sector, you’ll be able to open the chest and there you’ll get The Fourth Rider.

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