Do you remember the Ghostbusters? Of course! Like millions of fans all over the world. Today we have one more reason to remember the Ghostbusters. The look of Reebok’s new Ghostbuster-inspired pairs of sneakers will make you think you can beat even the Marsmallow Doll.

It’s quite possible that the new Ghostbusters release date: Beyond has made more than one of you feel like a pitcher of cold water. To compensate for this, we bring you the Reebok ad that presents its new pairs of sneakers inspired by the popular saga of paranormal hunters that has been part of pop culture since its release in the eighties. There’s nothing like a pair of geeky sneakers to make someone’s day.

These are two different pairs of sneakers, each inspired by an iconic aspect of the Ghostbusters franchise. The first pair evokes the uniform worn by the protagonists, with the name of Reebok engraved on a “patch” similar to the one worn by the characters with their names.

The second pair of Ghostbusters Reebok shoes is less functional, but equally impressive, evoking the colors of ECTO-1 and carrying its own positron generator on the back. Unfortunately, for those who aspire to use them, that addition will be cannon fodder to get lost or damaged quickly.

The pairs will cost 100 and 150 dollars respectively and we do not know when they will arrive in our country. For the moment we are content to admire them while we are still anxiously waiting to go to the movies to enjoy Ghostbusters: Beyond, the film that will return to the universe created in the original films of the eighties and that will obviate what happened in the 2016 reboot of the franchise. We remind you that the new release date of the film is June 11, 2021.

What do you think of the Ghostbusters Rebook sneakers?

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